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What is Ozzillate?

Ozzillate is a web based application that allows you to send and receive files to and from nearby devices through the help of sound waves. You only need a speaker and a microphone, which means that the software can run on most older as well as newer hardware.

It works by temporarily uploading the file to the server (which is removed automatically within two minutes unless the transmitting client's browser tab is kept open for longer). The file gets assigned a randomly generated 64 bit ID, which is returned to the client to be broadcasted through sound. The receiver finally picks the ID up and downloads the file from the server.

Benefits over Traditional Methods

Using sound waves instead of the more traditional internet-only based solutions to transfer files has a lot of advantages, some of which are:

Not Working?

Some browsers and OS implementations have built in low-pass filters that Ozzillate's web application cannot turn off. This means that the sound waves transmitted through UHF (Ultra High Frequency) will be filtered out before they reach the sound analyzer. To fix this issue - uncheck the UHF checkbox in the sender's menu (and thereby transmit on a lower frequency band).

Ozzillate has only been tested and developed for modern web browsers, if the solution above does not fix your problem - make sure to update your browsers and/or try using different ones.

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